Sub-Committee Profile

Jodie McBride

Jacqui Cumming

Georgie Browne

Canteen Supervisors
Jenelle Lockrey & Jacqui Cumming


The SGPS Canteen provides not only a marvelous selection of healthy and nutritious food for recess and lunch, but is also an extremely important and valuable part of our school community. Used wisely the canteen can provide a wealth of opportunities for the personal growth of students, from early budgetary management skills to socialisation and sharing skills. Below are some ways the canteen can be used to get the maximum gains for our children.

  • A valuable resource for all parents, students and staff alike - we all run late sometimes and the canteen provides that comfort zone for all busy parents

  • Helps teach children the value and use of money

  • Helps basic mathematics skills

  • Assists with the learning of patience and independent decision making and thinking skills

  • Gives children an opportunity to socialise and share with friends

  • Can provide a reward for children who have achieved a goal or who have completed a helpful domestic chore or school related task

  • Profit made by the canteen is returned to the P&C at the end of each year.

You are welcome to call the Canteen on 9680 4477 to share any suggestions you may have.


The Canteen is open 5 days a weeks and provides early morning drinks and a variety of hot and cold food at recess and lunch. As we are a large school, volunteers are vital in ensuring the smooth daily operation of the Canteen. It isn't hard work but it is very rewarding.

Volunteering in the Canteen is a simple way to become involved in and contribute to the school. Your child or children will love to see you there and it is a wonderful way to meet other parents. Anyone can volunteer - you don't need any previous experience and we welcome everyone (including Dads and Grandparents). We also have a good range of toys so you can bring any young children with you.

The Canteen roster is based around 3 shift options:

1st shift:  9.00am - 11.15am
2nd shift: 11.15am - 2.00pm
All Day: 9.00am - 2.00pm

You can volunteer weekly, fortnightly or monthly - we truly appreciate any time you are able to give. If you cannot commit to a regular shift, please feel free to put you name down for a specific day any time.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Canteen, please contact our Canteen Supervisors, Jenelle Lockrey or Jacqui Cumming at the school on 9680 4477.

The Canteen roster is distributed to volunteers at the start of each term. This allows you to see which shifts you are working, have the contact numbers of other volunteers in case you need to swap a shift and see any vacant shifts.