Communication Strategy

At the close of 2012, the P&C Executive came together to discuss setting goals, amongst other items, for the next year or two. One of the repeated concerns of both existing and new members of the general P&C and of the Executive of that time, was for clearer communication across all facets of what we do and why we do it.

To facilitate a clear path to address this a Communication Strategy was formulated and published. This process took many weeks and involved many opinions prior to its general acceptance into our P&C doctrine.

The backbone of the strategy is best highlighted by referring to our Mission Statement, two concise and simple sentences that show our purpose and focus as a group. A paragraph that provides a compass and a gauge for what it is that we are trying to achieve each term and each year, not just with our time spent together in meetings and discussions, but with the funds we are raising. We hope we continue to strengthen the validity, wisdom and meaning of our Mission Statement with our actions, successes and choices, as a P&C, in the years ahead.


Communication Strategy